S089-FJ Holden Ute in shed LG

U and I Unique Embroidery and Art


The idea for a Ute is understood to have begun in the 1930's 
when Ford built the first "coupe Ute" in 1934 at their Victoria 
plant in Melbourne. Mass production didn't happen until Holden began 
production of the "FX" in 1951, three years after the sedan 
of the same model type began production.
The popularity of the Holden sedan was so good that Holden
ramped up production several times. In the mid-fifties, 
resources were more readily available than they were straight 
after the war so a bit more chrome was added to the styling.
6.67 x 10.94 inches; 
32,241 stitches
1 thread changes; 
1 color